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HMGS provides the following services to third parties:

1.     Study, management and execution of geodetic projects using conventional and satellite-based methods

2.     Processing and adjustment of terrestrial or satellite trigonometric networks

3.     Transformation of coordinates from one system to another

4.     Photographic coverage of Greek regions

5.     Development of coloured and panchromatic films

6.     Topographic survey of various areas and photogrammetric production of topographic diagrams in analogue or digital form

7.     Printing of cartographic projects

8.     Creation of digital terrain model using photogrammetric methods

9.     Transparency from photographic compilation of cartographic information

10.  Transparency from photographic processing with cartographic information

11.  Photoprocessing conversion, positive-negative-positive (1 level)

12.  Photoprocessing conversion, positive-negative-positive (2-3 levels)

13.  Photoprocessing conversion, positive-negative-positive (4 levels and up)

14.  Photoprocessing conversion, positive-negative-positive, dimensions 1,0x0,8

15.  Photoprocessing conversion, negative film to positive, dimensions 1,0x0,8


1.     The cost of each task is calculated based on the estimation of man-hours or flight hours, as well.

2.     The man-hour rate is 30 euros and the cost of the flight for the aerial photographs acquisition is determined by special order from the Hellenic Air Force Command.

3.     In the case of production of other digital or analogue products using the existing digital products, a contract should be signed between HMGS and the interested party dealing with the payment of Intellectual Property Rights based on a bilateral agreement with the HMGS.


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