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Aerial Photography
HMGS conducts aerial photography missions every year and maintains a comprehensive library of black and white and colour aerial photographs covering the whole country. At the moment there are appr. 300.000 aerial photos taken from 1961. In addition, there is a historic library of B/W aerial photos for selective areas of Greece taken in the period 1938 - 1960....

Cartographic Products (Analog Maps and Digital Data)
HMGS produces cartographic base maps of various scales (large, medium and small). Cartographic products can  be either in analog format or in digital vector or raster (scanned) format.... 

Topographic Products
This product category includes mainly topographic diagrams of 1:5.000 scale in analog or digital vector format, elevation contour lines in digital format, and Digital Terrain Model (DTM) in digital format covering the whole country....

Geodetic Data
HMGS has established and maintains the National Trigonometric Network which includes  appr. 27.000 trigonometric control points, and the National Levelling Control Point (repere) Network which includes 11.000 points. Orders can be placed for trigonometric points geographic coordinates (ellipsoidal and projected plane) as well as for geometric heights and descriptions of levelling  control points... 

Geophysical Data and Products
HMGS has established and maintains the national gravimetric and magnetic declination measurement networks, with 12.280 and 108 stations respectively. Absolute value of   gravity points as well as magnetic declination (D) values are provided for each point and year of measurement. In addition, there are  maps of variation of magnetic declination and maps of gravitational anomalies of scales 1:250.000 and 1:1.000.000, both in analog and raster (scanned) format.... 

Historical Maps
HMGS possesses an archive of appr. 900 historical maps.... 

Geographical Publications
HMGS publishes and supplies the Placename Gazeteer of  Greece (Hellas) in 3 volumes, the Index of  1:5.000 mapsheet boundaries and the Coordinate Transformation Coefficient Book for transforming coordinates from Bessel to WGS84.... 

HMGS products free of charge:
Focal length & Flight altitude 1945
Book of transformation coefficients between HATT (Hayford) and EGSA87 (Hellenic Geodetic Reference)
Military chartographic sympology 1:5000-1:400.000

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